• Sky office Zagreb 1/2

    MC2 Ltd has designed, assembled and put into operation an advanced management system for lighting and shutter control, and a power supply monitoring system in the 22 floors high office building Sky Office in Zagreb, based on the KNX standard. 

    The system allows local control of shutters, but also centralized management of the building shading in order to ensure efficient use of cooling and heating energy. Our shutter control system optimizes control of the amount of solar radiation the building receives, using data from two sources: the heating, cooling and ventilation management system, and data from weather stations installed on the roof of the office building.

  • Sky office Zagreb 2/2

    As part of the lighting control system, lighting scenes are programmed, in terms of choosing the light source and intensity of lighting, for various office spaces, conferenec halls and meeteng rooms, according to the user demands. 

    The system of visualization of the building power supply is also based on the KNX standard and enables central control of the power switching states for  main and floor LV cabinets, generator systems and remote reading of electricity, heating and cooling energy meters.