• Smart Metering

    Our company MC2 is a distributor and the regional center of competence for products and services of the world’s leading smart meters manufacturer Landis + Gyr. We offer a complete and comprehensive solution of advanced and highly reliable measuring systems for remote reading and management of electricity meters, gas, water and heat.

  • Smart metering for transmission grids

    Landis+Gyr meters for the transmission grid systems are designed for use in all areas, ensuring a higher income, network functionality for consumers and cost savings in terms of maintenance costs. 

    From its beginnings, Landis + Gyr E850 (ZxQ) series meter is designed for broad applications in power plants, transmission networks, substations and industrial or commercial energy customers connected to the transmission grid. 

    E850 meter is high accuracy class 0.2S and 0.5S meter, which is characterized by an extremely fast measurement system and high resolution of measurement data, proven reliability and integrated measurement of various parameters of power quality and network availability.

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  • Smart metering for comercial and industrial applications

    Expanded functionality, highest accuracy in the field of precision measurement and flexibility of modular communications tailored to local requirements make this electronic meter a key component of intelligent systems. 

    Landis+Gyr E650 (ZxD) series meters are world-class leaders in the category of meters for comercial and industrial applications. They are characterized by high accuracy class 0.2 and the ability to exchange modular communication devices from simple serial communication up to the GPRS modem. High processing and memory power of E650 provides up to 8 simultaneous measurement channels, up to 24 measurement register measured values ​​in all four quadrants, load curves, peaks, storing of historical data and numerous other features adapting to the needs of customers. 

    Also, the E650 is able to receive measurement data from several different additional devices, such as gas meters, water meters, heating and cooling meters or other electricity meters

  • Smart metering for comercial and industrial applications

    Landis + Gyr S650 Smart Grid meter terminal is developed on the E650 platform with the target application in MV / LV substations and public lighting monitoring and management systems. 

    S650 allows the energy profile analysis in the distribution network, measuring parameters of power quality and network availability, lists of events in the MV/LV substation and distribution network, calculations of the losses, and control and management of remote devices.

  • Residential smart meters

    The E450 meter is new system component for the Landis+Gyr AMM solution, which integrates four functions in one device: an extremely flexible advanced electricity meter, a multi-energy data collector, a remote two-way communication node, and a powerful interface to enable end user interaction.

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  • Communication devices

    Landis+Gyr communication modules allow individual solution for use in various measurement environments and provide economical solution for subsequent upgrade or modification of communications solutions on the meter. 

    Modern communication technologies such as analog PSTN or GSM, GPRS and TCP / IP in the future are expandable through UMTS or other advanced technologies. It is possible to combine different interfaces: S0, CS active and passive, RS-232, RS-485, analog modem, GSM, GPRS, M-Bus, Ethernet.

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  • Gas meters

    Landis+Gyr is the leading supplier of solutions in the field of ultrasound technology, and our program includes a complete solution for measuring consumption in the household. 

    G350 gas meter is an advanced meter with integrated functionalities for remote reading and parameterisation of the gas meter, remote control of integrated valve, temperature compensation, gas pressure adjustment, integrated service functions and integrated systems for calibration, and remote alarm and event lists reading.

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  • Heating, cooling and water meters

    Landis + Gyr ULTRAHEAT / COLD T230 meter for households is an advanced new generation ultrasonic meter of hot / cold water characterized by high accuracy in temperature range of 5 – 90 ° C, robust but low weight and ease of installation. The meter is powered by batteries with a life span of 11 years. 

    Communication interface for remote reading includes M-BUS, Wireless M-Bus, pulse outputs.

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